Friday, 20 November 2009

Para los admiradores de la escuela austriaca de economía ...

... en Red Liberal. A Willem Buiter, no le convence el oro, una burbuja de 6.000 años. Pero le encanta la propuesta de Ron Paul de hacer una auditoría de la Reserva Federal y quiere que se haga lo mismo con el Banco Central Europeo. Eso sí, marca las distancias con los congresistas que han sacado adelante la propuesta:

"There are times one has strange company when supporting a worthy cause. Support for extending the GAO’s mandate came among others from the usual army of Fed bashers, led in the Congress by Representative Ron Paul (one of the co-sponsors of the measure), and by a motley crew of paranoid conspiracy theorists of the Lyndon LaRouche variety, who accuse the Fed of being behind every evil financial deed committed or suspected of having been committed, and may well believe it is a front for the House of Windsor or the Elders of Zion. Well, I’ll just have to hold my nose and remind myself that even a broken clock points to the right time twice a day."

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